In most homes, the basement is an area that is not often ventured into. Some are cluttered, others dark and damp, and the rest are usually only used for storage of the things that they do not really want anymore, but do not want to throw away. At its best, a basement is used as a laundry room, but it is not necessarily somewhere fun for the person stuck with laundry duty.

Firstly, if you are only ever going to be using your basement as a laundry room, there are ways to make it a more enjoyable place to be. You can add a nice workspace, for you to sort through the laundry with. A table of the right height for you to fold clothes will help a lot, as will a nice set of drawers, sometimes wicker, to put the cleaning detergents in. A comfortable chair will always come in handy in this area, if you are going to be waiting for something to finish washing, without wanting to go upstairs again.

But regardless of using this space as a laundry room, there are better ways to utilize the basement area. The basement can be an excellent entertainment area just waiting to happen! Because it is naturally dark, it is fantastic for a movie area. The walls can be painted dark, to create the right lighting, and you can paint just one wall white. Then, if it is affordable for you, you can buy an overhead projector and watch movies as if you are at the cinema. Throw in some comfortable seating and you will have the ultimate in house media and entertainment experience.

Another option for your basement, if you are a musical family, is to use it as a music room. Basements can be perfect for this, as they are easily soundproofed. This way you can have a place for someone to practice their favorite instrument without disturbing the neighbors or other occupants of the house! Photographers will also love basements, as it can provide the best place for developing photos, as it is so naturally dark!

Some people turn their basements into their very own home gyms! Erecting a mirrored wall or walls can create the illusion of more space, opening the room up. Some simple equipment and a comfortable mat to practice other exercises on can complete your home gym. A radio player will give you company for your workout, and, if you live in a warmer climate, an air conditioner installed will be imperative. The basement is a great place for a gym, as most equipment is not generally attractive, and is better kept out of sight of visitors.

Lastly, you can create a nice escape from the outside world in your basement, and you can even turn it into an office or second entertainment room or lounge. It just needs to be given adequate lighting; some comfortable chairs and a desk or table and you are good to go! Pay attention to decorating the room as lovingly as you would the rest of your house. It is important that you create a beautiful space, so that you feel at home relaxing down there.

Remember that some basements are prior to damp, so it is always best, before decorating, to ensure that the room is properly sealed off and protected against damp. A dehumidifier is also an important part of your revamping scheme.

Source by Hanlie Claasen