If you have ever watched a movie in a home theater you will most likely agree that it is a wonderful experience. It’s like bringing the movie theater into your home, minus the crowd. You might even wonder why you would ever want to go to the cinemas anymore. If you have never experienced it you should definitely give it a try.

Last year in December my little daughter and I were strolling the neighborhood right after dinner, which has become almost a daily ritual for us during the holiday season, since we love to look at the beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations in the neighbors’ front yards. We do the same in October for Halloween which is actually our favorite holiday. As usual, we were dressed in tank tops, shorts, and were barefoot. Yeah, that’s one great thing about living in the South; the weather is balmy even in winter.

We had not been out for very long when my cell phone rang. It was one of my good friends who happened to live in the same subdivision. She and her husband were hosting a little movie party for their kids’ friends. She said they wanted to show off their new home theater system and was wondering if my daughter and I wanted to come. My daughter was so excited and was begging me to go.

We were just a few minutes away from their house, so we went straight there. As soon as we got there they took us to the room that they had converted to a home theater. The setup was quite simple. It wasn’t the fancy type with elaborate design and decor that you find in houses of the rich, but a home theater nonetheless. It had a big HDTV projection screen and good quality surround sound speakers. There were no lavish leather seats like you see in magazines or online, but their sofa and chairs were quite comfortable to sit in. The kids actually preferred to sit on the floor.

They showed two action adventure movies which the children all loved. We had to take a couple of breaks as the kids needed to go to the bathroom and get some extra popcorn. One advantage of watching a movie in a home theater is that you can pause the film anytime you like without missing any part.

It was past midnight when we finished watching the flicks and although they had a wonderful time, the children were all sleepy. So my friend’s husband drove everyone home in his truck. The minute we got home my daughter jumped straight to bed. Luckily it was the weekend so she wouldn’t have to wake up so early the next morning.

When she woke up the first thing she asked me was when we were going to have our own home theater. I told her maybe some day. It’s not cheap to build a home theater but if you’re a movie lover that’s something you may want to consider doing. It’s not that cheap to go to the cinemas these days either, and over time the costs will add up especially if you have a big family. So why not invest the money in something everyone will enjoy for many years to come?

This year on Halloween our friends are having a party at their house and were are invited. They’re planning to show a couple of children Halloween movies in their home theater, and my little girl just can’t wait.

Source by Tanya Robbins