Pets are what many humans own in the form of cats, dogs and other household pets that serve as companions and soul therapy when one is down or needs the therapeutic touch of animal. In cinema, there have been pets many have come to know and love just as much as the human celebrities.

There is a unique group of these pets that cannot be touched and will forever remain in paper and film and these are the animation pets. One of the most famous animation pets is the love-hate duo of Tom and Jerry. This cat and mouse team created by the Hanna-Barbera company has been a part of many family living rooms for over 50 years and has been in numerous films and television shows.

Nemo in the Disney animation ‘Finding Nemo’ was one of the most famous of these animation pets. He is captured and becomes part of a dentist’s office aquarium. The lovable clown fish’s father, Merlin, goes in search for his son in this film. Dumbo, a baby elephant that could fly in the film of the same name, was a lovable character that could fly and had the gift to spread joy fans of this classic tale.

Other animation pets that have been a part of cartoon lovers’ imagination are Lady from ‘Lady and the Tramp’, the 101 Dalmatians from the animated version of ‘101 Dalmatians’, Charlie the Dog from ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ and many others. These animation pets have gained a large following and fan base as much as their 3-D counterparts have.

Source by Joseph Oklert