Over generations, the layout of our homes has evolved to meet the changing lifestyles of the family. For instance, although televisions were once normally restricted to a single corner of the living room, we now devote entire rooms to our entertainment systems. In this article, we’ve included some great tips on designing a home theater room for the modern home.

Consider choosing a large room that is rectangular in size. You may also want high ceilings to make the room feel more authentic, more like an actual movie theater. Also, to allow for increased noise you will probably need to add some type of soundproofing device or equipment.

A home theater is a great way to take advantage of a dark room in your house. If there’s an area in your basement that doesn’t get much natural light, you should consider taking advantage of it. Even if you want to design a home theater for a room with windows, you can simply use heavy drapes or black out shades.

Next thing in designing a home theater room is the sound and space. The room should be away from bedrooms or other rooms where noise would be bothersome. If the room is near other rooms a good option would be to soundproof the room by adding insulation before you hang the sheet rock or adding soundproofing panels to the walls. The space should be large enough to fit some nice comfortable seating for you your family and friends. Remember to keep the seating at the right distant from the television for best viewing.

You will probably also want to set up stereo TV and surround time, but we will save that for another article. Just make sure to research what electronics are available to fulfill your needs and how you can make them work properly.

There’s more to designing a home theater room than just the shape, size, and electronics. You’ll also want to add your personal style with small details that really make the room special. Find couches or chairs that reflect your personality, or even memorabilia from your favorite movies. If you have enough room, you could even include a popcorn machine or a bar. These finishing touches will really be the aspects that you take great pride in.

Source by Lee Dobbins