Are you bored with your current butterfly chair covers or have worn ones that you want to replace? Maybe you have heard a lot about the advantages of these chairs and want to purchase a few of these for your home, together with a few covers for them? Covers for butterfly chairs come in a truly abundant choice, because these cosy folding furniture items are very popular. These items have gained their popularity due to being practical, affordable, elegant and flexible.

Where can you use them? They can be used both, indoors and outdoors, especially if there’s not enough space for regular bulky seating. Here’s where they can be used indoors: in family rooms, teen rooms, and college dorms. And here’s where they can be used outdoors: for patios, porches, decks, balconies, and RV’s.

One essential aspect to keep in mind is that there are two types of butterfly chair frames -old style and modern. These two frames are different, so if you already have one at home, you need to ensure that you purchase the right type of butterfly chair covers for it. The covers for modern chairs won’t fit the older ones, and vice versa. The older ones have non-folding wrought iron frames (heavier and sturdier). The modern ones have folding steel alloy frames (lightweight). Today, you can find an array of covers for both types of frames.

The covers for such chairs come in a wide variety of colours and materials. Here are some of the popular heavy-duty fabrics used for them: durable cotton duck, poly cotton blend, polyester, and mesh (will let air circulate). The colours include solids (pink, purple, royal blue, hunter green, red, black, natural, burgundy, gold), striped designs (any colours with any colour stripes), and animal prints (these typically use faux fur material).

Note that while some chairs come together with a frame, others come separately. If you don’t have a frame yet, and you want to purchase it together with the butterfly chair covers, you need to decide which style of frame you want. As stated above, older frames are sturdier but heavier, while modern ones are lightweight and a tad flimsier. What you want to check is the weight capacity of this chair, which will depend on two factors – the frame strength and the strength of the material used in the cover.

Both, butterfly chairs and the replacement covers for them are very affordable and easy to use. If you need lightweight seating for the indoors or outdoors that will be convenient to put together and store when it’s not needed, then the butterfly chairs may be your best choice. You can relax on your patio or balcony on your new stylish and soft furnishing. You can also use it for entertaining, without having to worry about soiling this cheap to replace furnishing.

Note that you can save money on the shipping costs if you order several butterfly chair covers and/or frames at once. You can also find bulk discounts on the items when ordering in larger quantities.

Source by Brantley Graham