One of the most important things to keep in mind when throwing a Broadway themed party is the group you will be entertaining. If the party will be filled with Broadway buffs, then you can choose a popular musical like Wicked or The Phantom of the Opera around which to center the festivities. If your partygoers are infrequent theater patrons, then you might consider choosing a theme that involves a well-known pop culture reference. Good examples would include West Side Story , which has a popular movie attached to it, or Mamma Mia! , which uses the music of ABBA to score the show.

A clever way make your party invitation stand out is to design it like a Playbill. The black and yellow color scheme at the top of a Playbill is eye-catching and very recognizable. Party decorations can be as varied as the shows you choose to use. Think about what scenery catches your eye the most when you see a show, and use that as a template. For example, if you are using The Phantom of the Opera , then you will want to be sure to drape red and black cloths on tables and chairs, and use plenty of candles to light the rooms. For Wicked , anything green goes, and that includes the food! Green frosted cupcakes, green sprinkled cookies, and dyed green dips for chips and vegetables are great details that help tie everything together.

If you plan on having activities at your Broadway themed party, you can never go wrong with "Name That Tune," particularly if you are entertaining people who know their soundtracks. For a crowd less familiar with musicals, karaoke with the chart-topping songs from Mamma Mia! or Jersey Boys is a fun way to encourage party participation without the worry of having to know any lyrics. Character charades and theater trivia are great team activities. For something creative that requires no theater knowledge, have a decorating station with props from the show you are using as your theme, such as a The Phantom of the Opera masquerade mask decorating contest.

Cool Party Favors, Copyright 2009

Source by Joyce Kreger